Rules & Agreements Box38

1. General conditions

1.1 Only the persons in the age of legal competency may become clients of Box38.
1.2 Registration procedure is mandatory for everyone who wishes to become an investor of Box38.
1.3 By registration on our website an investor confirms his/her consent with all rules of Box38.
1.4 Violation of any of the above listed rules will result in the following measures:
- one-time violation – a written warning to be sent to the indicated email address;
- in case of repeated violations the Company shall retain the right to terminate any agreements with such an investor on a unilateral basis.
1.5 The Company shall be entitled to make amendments to the rules and regulations.
1.6 If any amendments are introduced into the rules and regulations, the Company shall notify investors about this not later than 2 days prior to the effective date of such amendments.

2. Privacy policy

Any information provided by the investor to Box38 is mandatory and confidential
2.1 Box38 guarantees confidentiality of all its investors and the information they provide.
2.2 Box38 guarantees security of all data on financial operations between the Company and its clients, between the Company and investors.

3. Disclaimer statement

3.1 All the materials and information at this website shall be deemed to be ‘as it is’ without any evident or implied guarantees, such as: implied guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose, warranty of merchantability or non-infringement warranty.
3.2 The website contents shall not be deemed to be any legal, insurance, tax or investment advice. Any information published on the website shall not be deemed to be an assumptive recommendation or our direct recommendations, or recommendations given by a third party. Box38 shall not be liable for damage, loss or failure of a client as a result of use of any information contained at our website.

4. Rules of investment

4.1 Each investment shall be a private transaction between Box38 and a client (hereinafter – the Client).
4.2 The Client agrees that he/she shall conduct all financial operation at his/her sole discretion and at his/her own risk. It is the Client who determines the amount of investment.
4.3 The hourly interest rate depends on the investment amount.
4.4 Only Bitcoin is accepted for both deposit and withdrawal.

5. Partner program

5.1 Any clients of Box38 shall have the right of participation in referral and partner programs.
5.2 It is forbidden to abuse obtrusive advertising methods as well as spam for obtaining additional benefit and viral distribution of the Client’s own referral link.
5.3 When revealing violations described in clause 5.2, the Company shall retain the right to terminate all agreements with such an investor on a unilateral basis.

6. Final provisions

6.1 These rules and regulations shall take effect since the moment of a Client’s registration at the website.
6.2 It is forbidden to invest money that the investor obtained illegally.